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Effective CBD Absorption – the Bioavailability of CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol to use the compound’s full name, is a cannabis derivative known as a cannabinoid that has gained huge popularity in recent years. In addition to gaining traction in the medical world thanks to its impressive medicinal properties, CBD has also taken the health and wellness world by storm. However, while more people than ever are using CBD, many don’t realise that a huge amount of the compound is actually wasted before it can be effectively absorbed by our bodies.

CBD oil has become one of the most popular products on the market – often in the form of tinctures and capsules. However, when taken orally, it is estimated that 90-95% of the active CBD compound is actually destroyed before it reaches our small intestine (where it is absorbed into our blood stream). This low bioavailability means that, in most cases, these products are extremely inefficient.

What is Bioavailability and how can it be improved?

Bioavailability is the extent to which an active compound is effectively absorbed into the bloodstream. The bioavailability of CBD can vary, depending on the route of administration. Oral consumption of CBD, for example, offers the lowest bioavailability as the CBD must pass through the stomach and the liver before it is absorbed. As a result, much of the active compound is filtered out and destroyed before it can make its way into our bloodstream.

Despite these limitations, the convenience and discretion offered means that oral products remain among the most popular ways to consume CBD. Bioavailability has also been a subject of research and technology in the development of medicines and other supplements as the necessity for effective products increases.

While other methods of administration, such as vaping, may offer higher bioavailability, they are often not plausible for many people who may value discretion and flexibility. Therefore, the development of technologies to improve the bioavailability of CBD oils are paramount.

Liquid Structure Technology™

In order to be more effectively absorbed by our bodies, fatty CBD oil compounds need to be ‘solubilised’ (made water-soluble). This allows the compound to pass the mucous membrane to enter the bloodstream more easily. From here, more CBD can reach active sites. In this respect, not all CBD products are made equal.

As previously stated, most CBD oils achieve a bioavailability of only 5-10%. However, our products have been developed alongside world-leading scientists to drastically improve bioavailability.

Research has shown that Liquid Structure Technology™ significantly improves the bioavailability of CBD allowing at least 18X more active compound is able to reach the bloodstream. This means that waste is minimised, and CBD users get the highest efficiency with our CBD products.


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