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Wow wow wow.. where do I actually begin... I have been taking the CBD soft gel capsules for just under 3 week now. The reason being is so I could come of my anxiety/depression tablets (citalopram) which I had been taking for over 2 years. There’s been a handful of times were I’ve said to my self I’m OK and stopped taking my tablets, but after a few days I began to get the horrible side effect were I felt dizzy, started shaking and my anxiety was on a whole different level and once I got to that level it's so hard to get back to the normal me as I call it. These capsules have changed my life! My anxiety is no where near the level it used to be, I’m so much happier in my self, I have more energy and I am a lot calmer. This product WORKS!! It helps!! I cannot rave about it enough. I cannot wait to share my experience with everyone I know. Even if this review just helps one person I will be so happy. Massive THANKYOU to Gary!

Hayley - 27th October 2020

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