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About Brain Body Balance

Why Brain Body Balance?

Increased Bioavailability

Our formulation offers significantly improved bio availability - that is, the amount of CBD that actually reaches your blood stream.

Liquid Structure™ Technology

Using this patented technology, our CBD is designed to be absorbed more readily by your body. this means that 1mg of our CBD is as effective as 18mg in other products*.

*at 30min when compared to hemp extracts in pre-clinicals. Rapid onset technology.

100% natural

Our products are made using 100% natural ingredients from the hemp derived cannabidiol to our plant-based carrier oils and natural flavourings.

How it works

Liquid Structure™ Technology

It is estimated that 95% of the CBD in the average product in the market, is actually lost before it reaches your bloodstream. We have addressed this issue with the use of the multi-patented Liquid Structure™ technology.

Using ultra-small, thermodynamically stable structures to contain our CBD particles, our product stays intact until it reaches your bloodstream. Thanks to this technology, we are proud to say that 1mg of our CBD is equivalent to 18mg in other products*, meaning less waste and more benefits!

*at 30min when compared to hemp extracts in pre-clinicals. Rapid onset technology.

Gary's story

Following a tragic motorcycle accident in 2010, Brain Body Balance founder Gary Brennan started out on his long journey to recovery. After 54 operations and countless medications, Gary discovered the power of CBD and never looked back.

After successfully launching CBD brand Holistic Herb, Gary decided to sell his shares in the business to focus on the development of a more bioavailable CBD product. He has since worked with world-leading scientists with the aim of producing an affordable CBD product that really works. Brain Body Balance is the result, using cutting edge technology to ensure the utmost effectiveness.

Bioavailability is the key

While CBD has been proven to have a number of health and wellness benefits, large doses are often required to achieve effective results. This is because a significant percentage of the total consumed cannabinoids (CBD) are typically lost before it is absorbed and effectively used by your body. This is known as low bioavailability.

By addressing this issue directly, our specialised products are designed to survive the digestive journey – where CBD would usually be filtered out and destroyed – and be absorbed effectively into your bloodstream.